Preventive Care

This chart is intended as a minimal guideline for patients who seek preventive care. The information is based on the recommendations of several research studies. Dr. Yuo provides individualized treatments for each of her patients.

Male and Female

Age for Exam 20 - 40 40 - 60 60 +
Physical Exam Every 3 years Bi-yearly Yearly
Medical History Review Every 3 years Bi-yearly Yearly
Rectal - Yearly Yearly
Cholesterol Once Every 5 years -
Sigmoidoscopic - Every 5 years -
Tonometry - Yearly Yearly
Stool Blood x3 - Yearly after age 35 -
DPT Vaccine Every 10 years - -
Flu Shot Yearly after age 64 - -
Pneumovax Once at age 65 - -

Female Only

Breast Exam Bi-yearly Yearly Yearly
Pep / Pelvic Every 3 years Yearly Yearly
Mammogram Once at age 35 Yearly Yearly
Hematocrit Every 5 years During menses -

Non - Invasive Screening Test That Can Save Your Life In Just 20 Minutes

Unfortunately, half of all stroke victims have no warning signs before a stroke occurs.
Stroke is America's third leading killer. It is the number one cause for nursing home admissions.

Stroke Screening  (Carotid Artery Screening)

This screens the carotid arteries in the neck for plaque buildup. The number one cause of stroke is linked to carotid artery blockage.

Abdominal:  (Aortic Aneurysm Screening)

This screens for the existence of an aneurysm in the abdominal aorta. The vast majority of people who have an aneurysm have no symptoms..

Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening

This Screens for peripheral arterial disease (plaque buildup) in the lower extremities which is linked to coronary artery disease

Osteoporosis Screening

Screens for abnormal bone mass density in men and women. Osteoporosis is painless and silent in its early stages. Procedures: By placing your foot in an ultrasound unit the bone density of the heel is measured with ultrasound.